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Davines Essential Masks $12

Davines Circle Chronicles $15

Oi Hair Butter $20


At Calla Blow Dry, we transformed a simple necessity by infusing it with love, purpose and meaning.

We are a team of beauty professionals with a passion for empowering, transforming, and unleashing the full potential of our clients, so they are “ready to take over” in any situation.

We are committed to delivering a fantastic experience in every interaction. Above all, we strive to delight our clients.

Woman in Loungewear

The name Calla is a female name of Greek origin that means Beautiful. It is also the name of the Calla Lily flower that represents beauty & transformation.

We Believe in:

The Golden Rule


Working with the Best Products

Supporting our Community

Partnering with Environmentally Responsible Brands


Reducing our waste and operating responsably

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