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Try a New Hair Salon in Miami


Getting the latest looks for your hair requires going to a hair salon in Miami that is making a point of staying on top of trends. At Calla Blow Dry, you'll quickly realize that you have found the right provider. This blow dry bar in Miami provides great style options that make you look perfect for a night on the town.

As its name implies, blow dry styles are Calla Blow Dry's specialty. Three main options are at the top of the menu, and include services for extensions as well as Olaplex blow dry styles, as well as the standard. These can be obtained singly, or you can get a four- or eight-pack special.

Of course, blow drying isn't all that is done at this hair salon in Miami. Hair masks, French or Dutch braids, fairy braids, and braids plus treatment are also top choices for clients of Calla Blow Dry. Keratin treatments and hair botox are some of the latest developments in hair care, and these are readily available, too.

If you just want a haircut or a cut-and-color, the stylists are still ready to serve you. Root touch-ups, full coloring, and toner are all on the menu, with reasonable starting prices.

Have you ever wished that the shampoo portion of your hair styling could last longer? If you answer with a resounding yes, go for the 10-minute scalp massage. Your scalp is massaged while your hair is shampooed and conditioned, but now, it isn't done in a hurry. This is a great way to relax before your styling services are performed.

Whether you're looking for a blow dry bar in Miami or you want other services too, check out Calla Blow Dry. They provide an experience you'll be eager to repeat.


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