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  • Can I bring my own Shampoo and Conditioner?
    Of Course! We use Davines in our Salon, if you have a prefered hair care line or medicated shampoo please bring it in and we will gladly apply them.
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  • Can I buy Calla Gift cards?
    At Calla we have Gift Cards available that can be redeemed for all of our services, retail and boutique.
  • Does Calla offer Mobile Services?
    Yes we do! Give us a call to book your next Mobile appointment.
  • What Products are used at Calla?
    At Calla we decided to partner with Davines, a Luxury Italian line, that developes fantastic products and are socially and enviromentally responsible. Here is Davines Purpose as a business: Being the best for the world, creators of good life for all, through beauty, ethics and sustainability.
  • What is a Blow Dry?
    The definition of a Blow Dry is to dry and style hair. At Calla our Blow Dry includes wash, blow dry and styling.
  • What Heat Protectant is used?
    At Calla we use Davines d before we start blow drying your hair. Melu Het Shield is ideal for protecting all types of hair from stress caused by straightener or blow dryer. The Melu spray effectively protects the hair from heat stresses.
  • Can I have Braids done?
    Yes, yes and Yes! At Calla we have Stylist that love braids..
  • Can I come in with my hair already washed?
    Yes! You may come in with your hair already washed and at Calla we will continue Blow Drying and Styling.
  • Does Calla offer Blow Dry Packages?
    We offer two packages at Calla. A package of 4 and a package of 8.
  • What is the difference between a Blow Dry and a BlowOut
    At Calla a Blowout and Blow Dry are actually the same. They booth consist of washing your hair, Blow Drying and Styling.
  • Why should I use a Hair Mask?
    A hair mask is a super powerful hair conditioner that tames frizz, restores damage and generally brings lacklustre lengths back to life. At Calla we offer over 15 Hair Masks. -Hair Mask for Curly Hair -Hair Mask for Dry Hair -Hair Mask for Damaged Hair -Hair Mask for Oily Hair -Hair Mask for Extra Shine -Hair Mask for Colored Hair -Revitalizing Hair Mask -Anti-Breakage Hair Mask -Moisturizing Hair Mask
  • Whats is Dry Styling?
    Dry Styling is a satyling service that is done on dry hair. The service can take up to 30 min.
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